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Friday, 7 September 2012

Books, Reviews, Writing and More

After five days of pestering the postman for my book I finally got my copy of The Sheol today! I was so nervous as I opened the packaging but it has turned out better than I could have ever hoped and I love it :) Now I'm just waiting for the other books I've ordered so I can get in some reading before I get stuck with a load of college work.

Things coming soon!

A giveaway
Guest posts by me
An interview with me
More reviews of The Sheol

I will post the relevant links when they go live on other blogs.

Writing Updates
Summer Demon: I am half way through writing the first draft and hopefully I will be able to keep writing a chapter a day so I can finish it soon. The great weather has given me an excuse to write while lying in the sun so I have been topping up my tan while writing, I love it!

The Hunted (The Wanderer Trilogy #3): I have been focusing more on Summer Demon for the moment but I have written the first few chapters and planned the whole book. I also have a special edition I am planning once the final book is released.

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