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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Trouble With Character Names

I have been struggling to find a name for the leading male in my new series 'The Elemental' the past week. His previous name was Richie and I have written over half the book using that name, but there is something about the name that doesn't seem to fit. Anyway I have been searching through numerous baby name site, with no luck so moved onto name meaning sites but still couldn't find anything that I thought was right. 

However last night I was really hungry so when I went to look for something in the fridge I noticed the alphabet magnets stuck to the door. Instead of eating, I sat in front of the fridge rearranging letters for two hours before I finally came up with a name I liked, and fitted with my idea of the character. The only problem now was I had to go back and change all the 'Richies' in my book to the new name, something that took forever when my Open Office doesn't have a replace button. I'll definitely be using the magnets again for other names that I struggle with!

I am also going to be giving a Smashwords code away sometime during the first week in October, to allow you to download The Sheol for free, so keep checking my blog for update as I will be posting about it here.

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