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Friday, 30 November 2012

Why I Write

I have been asked this question numerous times in the past few years and it has only got worse now I have decided to take a year out of education to focus on my work. Most of the people who question what I do are trying to pressure me into university (even though I haven't ruled it out as an option yet). I just need a break to focus on my own goals and not piles of essays about subjects that are of no interest to me.

I have fought many battles with people who can't understand what I get out of writing or why I would want to follow a career as unpredictable as this one when I could go to uni, get a degree and settle into a normal 9/5 job, before marriage and kids. Yes, I haven't even reached 20 yet and kids have been mentioned!

I have decided to write down all the reasons of why I like to write because of a few things. First of all I am curious about what makes authors write and it is never something I have considered past the point of “it makes me happy.” Secondly I want to let everyone know why I do what I do and hopefully explain to the people doubting my choice that I know what I'm doing (well sort of, I'm still learning). Thirdly I don't want to forget why I started writing and I hope this will give me the boost I need when I am having a bad day and questions are running through my head, which I'd rather not consider.

OK so with that little rant over, here are the reasons as to why I write.

  1. Escapism – For me writing allows me to escape the real world for a period of time. I will shut myself in a room in front of my PC and in that period of time anything goes. There are no rules or limits to what I have to write or do and I love the idea of creating new world. While I am writing it also allows me to channel emotions into my characters and gives me away to express myself. I can't help but be the character while writing (acting habit) and the prospect of being whoever I want to be, even for a split second, is exciting for me.

  2. Passion – From a young age I have loved writing. I started with poetry when I was four and when I got my first poem published in an anthology at the age of 12 my passion grew, especially when I continued to get another published a few years later. My writing just got bigger, more developed and longer as I grew. I love everything about writing - well nearly, I hate editing – but besides that everything from planning, writing, promoting and cover design I would do all day. I can easily spend 12hrs straight writing and I don't regret any time spent doing it. It is one of the things I love most.

  3. Creativity – I have always been more creatively inclined. Yes I am good at academics and I could apply for top universities with the grades I get, but frankly this doesn't interest me in the slightest as I have to spread my efforts across a bigger work load to achieve what I want. I would rather be making up my own stories, pieces of art, photographs etc than studying for an exam or sitting in an office all day. The traditional subjects or 'highly' regarded subjects hold no interest for me and even though people are pressuring me to follow a job which brings status and a high income I want a creative job that will make me happy.
  1. Driven – I am driven to succeed and meet the goals I have set myself. I don't like giving up or failing at stuff I enjoy and because I am so passionate about writing it is driving me even more to continue with it. I want to be my own boss and succeed at something I love, as to me writing doesn't feel like work; I will happily get up every morning without struggle to write.

  2. Happiness – Above all when I am writing I am at my happiest. I could spend hours doing it (which I have on many occasions). If I didn't get pleasure from writing I wouldn't be doing it. I feel lucky that I have found something I enjoy so much at an early age and as long as it continues to bring me the happiness it does, I will keep at it.

I'd love to hear why other authors write as like I said before, it is never something I have considered in much detail.

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  1. I love all your reasons! My answer is: why not? If there's a story in you, you think you can tell it in reasonably lucid phrases, and you enjoy doing it – why ever not? :)

    1. Thank Mariam. I agree with you and use that reason for more than just writing :)

  2. Thanks for the great post! I'm working on the first draft of a new novel and feel burnt out and worn out. It's good to take a moment and reflect on why I write. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for the comment Leti, I'm glad you like it! I know how you feel, I was spending 12hrs a day at one point and it drained me so much. The feeling after completing it is the best and worth it in the end though =)

  3. Those are all good reasons, and I think most authors would agree. My #1 reason is the same as yours. And I love to create my own worlds where things go just how I want them to, good or bad, and I am the puppeteer of my characters, whereas in the real world, I have very little control. So I understand your position very well. I did the marriage, uni and kids thing first, leaving me very little time to write, and that makes me sad sometimes. I published one book but have so many more stories unwritten. In that regard, you're logic makes sense. Great post!

    1. Thanks Neesha, I appreciate your comment =)

  4. I am impressed by the reasons you give as they define what a writer is. Writing should fulfill you as an individual on an interpersonal level and if it achieves that why not!!!

    1. Thanks Vimbai! I couldn't agree more :)

  5. I confess the 'why do you write' question irritates me no end. No one asked my husband why he wanted to be an engineer, no one asked my brother why he wanted to draw. My answer to the question is this: if I don't write, I will explode.

  6. I get the same questions, along with "Why do it if it isn't going to make you rich?" How do I answer them that I'm enriched in so many other ways?? Mia, you've hit on some very important points about why you write. Many of them mine as well. To succinctly say it to someone else, is a bit harder, and they keep interrupting with that confounded word, "But".
    Well, no "buts" here, you did an outstanding job. May I refer to your link from my blog?

    1. Thanks Vicki, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets questioned :) Sure, feel free to refer to my link!

  7. Dear Mia,
    This simply defines the reasons why I too actually write as well and I'm so glad that you have put forth the same and so very aptly on your blog.
    Yes, if something that you do gives you unbounded happiness and also makes you feel fulfilled and enriched like Writing certainly does - each time and every time, then yes - Why not? I do understand and can feel the creative urge one gets when that story, poem or article just has to be written down - if not I feel queasy or those words gets lost ...
    I write because I need to express creatively myself and that iself is a journey of self discovery, exploring broader and new avenues as I write or research for my book. Poetry always comes to me as intense bursts of expression - anytime anywhere; once wrote a poem whilst cooking for my daughter and once we were playing rhyming games and it just struck me!
    I don't lock myself but follow all my daily activities and do all that keeps me relaxed! That includes listening to music, playing with my kid in the park, gardening and walking and even tidying up and pressing out clothes (with music in the background)!
    While I'm at real life doing my activities - some of them also inspire me to pen down when I do.
    Its best to carry a handy notepad with you everywhere to 'catch that beautiful thought and put it down'.
    I used to think Writing is an escape, but it isn't. For most of what I write has originated frm real living, real people we see on the streets, in buses or whilst travelling in the cars or in a flight! It is our imagination that lends wings to the simple things in Life.
    And I am glad that I did do all the normal work though at time I have to juggle a lot, yet it pays-off in terms of satisfaction and happiness and as you so rightly said fulfillment.

    I really appreciate your blog and would like to read your book too. I would like to follow it, will try to figure out how to do it.
    Best Wishes,
    madhavi sood

  8. Great post. I've never really thought much about this question. And mostly when I do try to answer it goes a little like this "Duh! I write because it's who I am." And without it, I don't know how I'd survive in reality.

  9. Total Control! I create the names, the enviroment, the situations, the questions, the answers. Writing is the one place where I can say what I want, do what I want, be all those I ever wanted to be, and those I never want to be. I am Master of the Universe, death on a pale horse, the caped crusader. Sounds egotistical. Sure. But this is my world and in here it's OK.
    And oh yea, hopefully I can make a little cash!?

  10. Great honest article Mia.I wtite sometimes so I can think, or work things out.sometimes the characters I create seem to know more than I do.Its an interesting excercise,I write because I have to, and I enjoy it,(mostly! apart from the dreaded editing)

  11. I know about the "passion" to write. I am now a Public Speaker too with a passion. My writing experience is different from my speaking experience. It is not planned, it is live, I talk to people, and sometimes people want to talk to me.

    I began writing only 15 years ago. To read about My Writing Experience go to:

    And scroll down


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