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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snowed in, Day off & No Work Done

Due to the snow I got the day off college yesterday! Weirdly they let us know the day before and shut it due to severe forecasts - something that has never happened before. Not believing this would come true, I planned to write another chapter or two and get on with my work on a normal free day. However when I woke up and was greeted by everything covered in white the snow was just too good to pass up. 

Instead of writing I went for a walk around the woods near my house. Although this wasn't the best idea I've ever had as it's mostly up hill, everything did look so pretty and I felt like I was walking through Narnia or something. Due to the fact it wasn't the smartest thing, not many people had ventured out of their houses so a lot of the snow was undisturbed as well so it added to the overall beauty.

I only planned to go for a quick walk, telling myself I would get some work done when I got home, but when I decided to take what I thought was a short cut, through the middle of the woods, it turned into a very long 2 hours. I couldn't figure out where I was as everything looks a lot different in the snow and therefore more confusing. It had nothing to do with my bad sense of direction in general. It was nearly dark by the time I reached home and I felt half dead but snow days are the best. I will admit that I would prefer sun anytime but the rare snowy days are great for a change. As well as that, it's one of the nicest feelings coming home and curling up with a hot chocolate in front of the fire.


  1. Such beautiful pictures! I admit to loving the warmth of summer and usually snow days just make me think of a day I have to miss work or try to drive to work on scary roads, but it is really great when you can actually take the time to enjoy them. Love hot chocolate! It's been so cold here lately, we've been drinking it a lot. Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

  2. On the rare snow days we have here, I have to collect snow from on top of my car into a container for the freezer so my 4yr old can munch on it when we're not outside. That's what we do, freeze outside eating snow and freeze inside eating more snow. I make odd little children. A two hour jaunt in the woods and you were still able to make it sound kind of dreamy.


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