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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Story Behind The Sheol

The Sheol - The First Book in 'The Wanderer Trilogy'

The Sheol is a dark supernatural/paranormal novel with an element of romance.
Being a trained killer, Kala can handle most things the world throws at her. However, when she murders her fiance, Kala's life is thrown into chaos. Forced to leave everything behind, she runs from city to city, in fear of her psychotic boss who is seeking her death for desertion. If that wasn't enough, she also has to cope with the re-appearance of her dead fiance who is struggling to keep a hold on his sanity as he strives for revenge. 

The story behind Writing The Sheol (Warning: there may be a  few spoilers contained in the following.)

It all started in 2009 during my summer holiday. I was about half way through the holiday and like most people I was slowly getting more and more bored especially as the weather wasn't that great. Because of this most of my friends and myself ended up IMing of MSN and as you can probably imagine, after a week or so, we were quickly running out of things to talk about. This is where The Sheol  started, even though it initially was never meant to become a novel.

During the lulls in conversation I opened a word document and with inspiration from a song I started writing about the clear image I had in my head of a woman wearing black and standing on the edge of a cliff while the sun set. I was writing for the fun of it and just killing time. The story slowly developed but all I knew was I wanted a strong female lead. I also had the idea of 'lost souls' from a previous short story I had written about the Battle of the Somme and this idea eventually developed into The Wanderers. I would stay up until 4am writing and talking, not realising how fast the time went by. Most of the characters I had no trouble finding a suitable name for. I looked at names with the meaning "darkness" and after throwing a few names around Kala seemed like the perfect one, after that most of the other names seemed to fall in place. All but Nachtmahr anyway. I spent three days trying to find a suitable name before finally settled on Nachtmahr meaning nightmare in German.

I had written the first six chapter before I decided I wanted to develop the story line further, so at this point I decided to create a chapter by chapter plan. Unfortunately I had run out of holiday and was now stuck with my GCSE exam prep, forcing me to swap my late nights of writing for revision. Two year later I finally was able to get back to my novel but was once again limited to how much time I could spend writing by starting college and gaining heavy work load. By this point I was fed up of not being able to finish the story so made my writing my priority. I spent 4hours minimum writing everyday after I got home and within two week had finished the novel.

I was now stuck with the task of inventing a title and editing. I tried splitting words up, rearranging certain words and using the main supernatural theme of being stuck between two worlds. I originally settled on 'Earthbound' but something told me this wasn't right so I decided to keep it simple and use the main dark supernatural force 'The Sheol' (meaning a place where the dead congregate) as the title. After this two painful months were spent editing before I shot photos for the cover. 

Eventually after three years The Sheol  was finished and ready to be put onto Amazon! 

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