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Monday, 4 February 2013

New Covers & Help Wanted For Tour or Feature

The new cover for Deadly to Love has been finalised today! Yes, I'm changing the cover entirely rather than making an alternate version as I love this cover more. I'm so pleased with it and the other three books in the series nearly have completed covers (just a few tweaks left).

Also the book has nearly finished the editing process so it will be back up on Amazon soon and to those of you I promised a copy you will get it shortly.

I will be releasing the cover when the book goes back on sale so you'll have to wait to see it for now... In the meantime here is the tour banner which will give you a slight idea.

Also I am looking for bloggers who would either like to take part in my tour. The Tour is running from Feb 22nd - March 22nd but I will extend it if I receive enough participants.

I'm also open to being host outside of the tour dates. Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it just a feature (which I can provide a blogger HTML for if requested).

Schedule can be found HERE

Hope everyone is having a great week, keep checking back as I will be running an ebook and swag giveaway towards the end of the week!


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