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Sunday, 14 April 2013

A New Pet and Giveaway Announcement

Just hatched
Last year we had a load of caterpillars climbing up the house to settle in the eaves for the winter as chrysalises. They had come from the vegetable patch next door and it was quite a slight to see as I walked out into the garden one day to read. 

Anyway I had forgotten all about them well that is until two days ago as we noticed one hatching inside one of the bedrooms. It must have crawled through an open window during the summer but we hadn't noticed it. 

Due to the unusually cold spring we are having in the UK none of the others have hatched yet as the temperature is too low outside. However because this one was in the house he has come out too early thinking it is warmer than it really is. I watched him in the window but as it was raining I didn't want to let him outside because he would just die either from the rain or cold so we left him in the house for a day and night.

It refuses to get off my hand
When we went back to check on it the next day though it became apparent that only one of its wings had developed properly, the rest stayed curled up meaning it would never be able to fly. Not having the heart to let it fend for itself outside as I knew it wouldn't last long it is now living in my bedroom window and it's my new pet- well sort of, I'm just looking after it really.

I hate seeing injured animals and even though I know it is nature I couldn't just put this butterfly outside and forget about him as for one there are hardly any flowers around to feed off, two it is still too cold and three it can't fly anywhere so it would just be sentencing him to death. Anyway he looks happy enough bathing in the sunset every night on my window ledge and we've researched food etc so yeah I now have a new pet.

*sorry about the fuzzy images they were taken with an iPod camera

2 days later, wings
still haven't uncurled

Giveaway announcement!

With the Deadly to Love tour still on going I haven't announced the winner of the ebook copy yet. I have decided though that even though only one person will wins a copy of the book I am going to give everyone who entered either giveaway something! I've got it all ready so when the tour finishes in the next 10 days be sure to check your email to find out what you've all got!

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