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Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Hi everyone! 

Sorry I haven't been posting as frequently this month, I have been busy revising for my exams that start on Monday - which is a scary thought... Thankfully that will get my two major ones out the way though, and I can get back to focusing on what I love - writing! I have had to stop editing Elemental Killers 2 to focus on my revision but I'm dying to get back to it as soon as I can. Believe me, I think I have reached my limit with memorising statistics and am just looking forward to my year to focus on my writing once I have finished

Any way, in the mean time I have been enjoying the nice weather for the last few day while trying to learn 109 years of domestic Russian history. Sounds great right? The weather made things a lot easier though as due to the fact that I could: 1) sit out side 2) get a slight tan and 3) change my location so my routine didn't get as repetitive. Below are some of the places I have found I actually enjoy revising as the scenery is beautiful and there are also no distractions due to the peace. Even if the weather has taken a turn for the worst I only have a few more days to get through. :)

Monday, 6 May 2013

Deadly to Love Paperback Update

I have just re-formatted and published the paperback for Deadly to Love. 

This means that:

  1. The book is now a standard U.S Trade paperback size instead of pocket.
  2. The book is now up to date with the Kindle version.
  3. The paperback is now cheaper for you guys to buy by quite a bit!

Because I had to create a new book there is a new ISBN which is: 9781291410259. There will also be an overlap as to when the old version is removed from Amazon and the new one is up. 

For now the paperback is only available through Lulu (should take a week to appear on Amazon) but I will let you know when I get confirmation it has been distrubuted.

Here's the link to the book on Lulu as the old version hasn't been removed from Amazon yet. Deadly to Love (Elemental Killers)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Proof Copy

So today I got my first copy of Elemental Killers #2 in the post. I had it bound so it would be easier for me to carry around and re-draft, well that's what I told myself. The formatting was also a distraction from some work I really didn't want to do. I really want to share a picture of it with all you guys but that would mean revealing the cover and that is not something I want to do yet so you'll have to be patient and keep checking back to for the reveal.

Anyway, now that I have seen it in print I'm so excited I don't want to wait to start going through it. I love how the cover has turned out and due to this I think revision is going to have to wait until the weekend. I feel like sitting in the sun and being creative so that's where I'm heading now.
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