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Wednesday, 19 June 2013


At last I am free from college and exams, with nothing other than a year's worth of writing ahead of me! Don't get me wrong I enjoyed my time at Hereford Sixth Form College, made some great friends and loved most of the lessons however, the last year seemed to drag on forever, getting in the way of writing. 

I feel as though I was ready to leave, especially as I have already forgotten most of the stuff I learnt for my exams... well everything except drama anyway. I definitely got the most out of drama in terms of my confidence and it's probably the subject I am most pleased about taking. Although it was the subject that took up the most time with extra rehearsals I have a load of good memories from it :)

Because of exams the last few months have been focused on revision so all my writing has been put on hold. I am pleased to say though, that I am already back to editing Elemental Killers #2. I can't wait to get the editing done and release the book but that will probably be a few months in the future yet. I will be doing cover reveals and other build up posts closer towards the release, so keep an eye out as this is my favourite cover in the series and I can't wait to share it with you all!

P.S I have noticed a few more 5 star reviews creeping up on Goodreads! Thank you to you all for your support and the wonderful comments. It really brightens my day hearing you are enjoying Deadly to Love.

Also please vote for Deadly to Love on the lists - there are links in the post below. I will return the favour to other authors if you leave me a link to your book :)

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