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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Reading vs Writing

Due to my exams I have been reluctant to get back into writing as I have been focused on revision and didn't want anything else on my mind beside the topic I was studying. However I am down to my last exam now - Drama -  which involves me writing essays on two set texts about how I would either direct or perform certain sections. Basically it is like writing a story and because I am feeling confident and the revision process is just reading and re-reading the plays until I know them inside out and back to front I have been toying with the idea of getting back to editing Elemental Killers #2 and contacting agents.

There is one thing stopping me though, and that is I have recently purchased a load of new books off Amazon and requested another load off NetGalley. After I have spent four or five hours revising and annotating texts I am in no mood to go through my own writing to re-draft my novel, no matter how much I want the book out there. I just feel extremely tired so instead, for the past few weeks I have either been curling up with good books or some old, cheesy, feel good movies to help me relax.

I've been in weird moods though. I've been eager to get back to it but every time I sit down to I feel I should be revising and after that I have no energy. So here are my pros and cons for writing vs reading (what is going on in my head as I try to decide which to do).

+ Get to escape into new and exciting worlds.
+ You get to create new and exciting worlds to escape into.
+ Can switch off and relax while enjoying the story.
+ You can control where the plot takes you, who does or say what and anything you want can happen.
+ Fall in love with characters and grow with them as the book goes on in an unpredictable storyline.
+ Fall in love with character who feel like a part of you, surprise you and annoy the hell out of you when they don’t behave.
+ Discover new characters, species and plot lines.
+ I feel happiest when writing
+ There are so many amazing books out there to read and I have trouble deciding what is next on my tbr pile.
+ I feel productive and like I haven’t wasted a day
- Don’t feel as productive.
- My writing schedule means late nights so hardly feel like revising the next morning
Can’t control the plot and so things you don’t like will happen
-I have to constantly think although this may be a good thing as I have too many ideas in my head which if I don’t get out I think I will go crazy.
- Sad books make me cry and feel worse (I really shouldn’t read them)
- I eat a lot of junk food
- No one ever sees  or hears from me when I’m reading (may be a positive for my friends and family though)
- I get grouchy easily if disturbed
- Get no exercise
- Get no exercise

There are probably more points but at the moment these are the main issues and thoughts I am having. I think I will stick to reading while my exams are on so I am relaxed but I have to stop ordering/requesting books if I am ever going to get back to writing :)

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