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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Meet the Characters (2) - An Interview with Kai

I am delighted to have Kai Seevers with me today! After hearing from Serena I felt it was imperative to hear his side of the story too and I'm glad he accepted the invitation. Everyone please give a warm welcome to Kai!

Interviewer: Hi Kai, thank you for agreeing to talk to us today and letting me be the first to interview you. Could you tell the readers a little about yourself?

Kai: Hi everyone. Firstly, you have Rea to thank for me being here, she can be incredibly persuasive when she wants to be…normally I will avoid the press at all costs, although you probably already know that due to previous experiences. There isn’t really much I can tell you about myself without it becoming a national security risk though. My work is highly confidential and therefore not meant to be spoken about in public.

Interviewer: Don’t worry about that Kai, I can assure you I already know what your job entails so it’s fine to discuss it with me.

Kai: You might know but your readers will not and therefore I am not allowed to discuss it. How did you find out anyway?

Interviewer: Never mind that Kai, it’s not important. How about we stay away from the topic of your job and focus on other things then? You recently helped turn Rea’s world upside down when you entered her life, do you have any regrets about that?

Kai: [Sigh] I guess a part of me does and a part of me doesn’t. I hate watching her go through the things she is right now and wish there was another way but she was already beginning to get involved in this life before I came along. I do feel grateful that I found her though as I was able to give her the answers she needed before she could get into more danger by looking for them.

Interviewer: It seems like you really care about her, how far would you go to protect her?

Kai: I thought my actions so far would speak for themselves. I would do anything to make sure she is safe not only because of my feelings towards her but for reasons I am unable to discuss due to the classified nature of the facts.

Interviewer: Yes, you certainly have proved that you would do anything for her. Can you elaborate on what your feelings for Rea are?

Kai: I would prefer not to if that’s alright, she knows everything she needs to and I would rather not talk about our relationship in public.

Interviewer: Right…Is it fair to say you can handle most problems that are thrown your way?

Kai: I would like to think so but in the world we are living in everything is unpredictable and therefore more deadly. Yes I am trained, but I can only protect people from things if I know how to deal with them. Sometimes the outcome isn’t what I would hope for but most events are out of my control.

Interviewer: Well, fortunately for you Kai that is all I have time for. Once again thank you for allowing me to interview you and good luck with your job and Rea.

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