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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Teaser (4) - Elemental Killers #2

Here's the latest teaser from Elemental Killers #2! I'm nearly at the end on my editing and the closer I get the more excited I get. 

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The clang of the door opening behind us made us both jump and Kai pulled the gun to his chest instantly, keeping it out of sight as he looked back. Thankfully it was only Jack.
"Thought I'd come and check on you seeing as you've been gone a while. Wanted to make sure you hadn't fallen overboard," he said as he strolled up to us.
As he was half way across the deck another wave hit the boat. Bigger than the rest it shook the boat causing Jack to lose his footing and fall.
I screamed as he slid towards the back of the boat, heading for the gap in the railings.

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