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Sunday, 22 September 2013

An Interview with Vinny

Today I am being interviewed by Vinny, creator of the amazing blog, Books Are My Best Friend. Here's a quick teaser and you can view the full interview HERE. Go take a look and support Vinny's blog :)


When you're not writing what do you do to relax?I get asked this a lot and people always think I’m strange when I tell them writing is relaxing for me. I know it is my job but I don’t consider it that way because it is something I love to do. There have been days where I've wrote for twelve hours straight or stayed up until 4am because I’m so lost in my story. Writing is both my hobby and job.
There are a few occasions where I just can’t force myself to sit at my laptop though. Most of these occur when I’m tired or need a break from screens. If this is the case I will generally read, work on my photography which also happens to get me out of the house or go running. I love anything creative and practical so I find crafty things relaxing too.

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