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Saturday, 21 September 2013

To Hire or Not to Hire

With my recent Book Blitz I had to decide whether or not to do everything myself or hire a tour company to run everything for me. I ran a 70 stop tour a few months back which was hard work so I decided to look at a few companies to see if it could save me time reserved for writing. I only found two who offered unlimited sign up for a Blitz. This sounded great to me due to the amount of contacts they had and it would save me having to send out hundreds of emails. They also had reasonable prices so I would have gladly paid them to organise my week long Blitz. 

However, even though I contacted them two months in advance of the date I was aiming for, I am still waiting for a reply to both my original email and follow up email. I appreciate they probably get inundated with email requests and it probably isn't their primary job but I find this incredibly rude when I'm willing to pay for a service. Even a polite 'no' would be better if the book isn't for them as it would at least inform me so I could make other plans or arrangements as by the time I realised I wasn't going to get a response, it was too late to contact other companies.

Now this is only one company in particular so I'm not talking in general but the others had a maximum of 20 blogs which would not be worth it for me. I wanted to reach as many people as possible so this situation forced me to do everything myself. 

You know what though? I am glad it did.

I have both met and exceeded the targets set for sign ups by the companies and the blogs are all tailored specifically for my genre and audience. I've also made some new contacts and friends which is a bonus.

It may have taken me four days to go through close to 1000+ blogs, read their policy and contact info but I have now collated the information in an excel spreadsheet so will never have to do it again unless I want to extend my contact list. I had a high reply success rate as well so it has made the time invested worth it. 

I won't lie and say it was easy. A tour company running everything would have helped because I could focus on writing Elemental Killers 3, rather than spending hours emailing. They can also reach people I can't because I'm self-published but in the end it will help me in the long run when I come to run more posts. It also saved me money I can spend on other book promotion.

I'm not holding my breath for a reply from the tour company I contacted but I thank them for that as now I have an updated list of people for future reference. I may use a different company in the future but for now I am pleased with results I am getting on my own. It may take a bit longer the first time but it will hopefully be time well invested.


  1. A tour company can save you a lot of time, but I believe it's better you did everything yourself. They do contact a lot of blogs, but it depends on the tour company... because you never know how many people will sign up for your Book Blitz. I, for one, am more inclined to sign up if the author contacts me... I don't know why... Maybe because the tour companies send several e-mails with sign ups every day and I just read the subject line and I open the e-mail only if the book title sound really good, or I realize I know the author. Otherwise, there are just too many tours, and I have to choose wisely if I don't want to turn my blog into a strictly promotional one.

    Good luck with the Book Blitz! And you can contact me anytime you need help with anything! :)

    Oana @All Fantasy Worlds

  2. I've never thought of it that way but I do exactly the same thing. Generally, I read the subject line and look at the cover from a tour company but I will read the whole email if the author has contacted me directly. I think that's down to wanting to help out others in my position because I know how time consuming marketing a book is!

    Anyway, I'm glad I have never spent money on a company right now, as I'm expanding my contacts and learning as I go. It may be time consuming but I think it's paying off. Thanks for all the help as well!

  3. Contact me anytime you need anything! I'm always happy to help out! :)

    Donnie Darko Girl

  4. My email is jennifer.m.ricketts (at) gmail (dot) com.


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