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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Introductions - Meet My New Characters

I've had a few messages now from people who want more information on my new book and I think I am finally ready to reveal a little more. I have been keeping the plans close to my chest deliberately over the last few weeks because of a few reasons:

1) I was still creating everything in my head.
2) I wasn't sure of where the book was going to take me until I started writing it. And...
3) I like being mysterious and keeping you guys guessing (which was probably the biggest reason for my silence).

It took me a total of two weeks to find the perfect names for all the characters in my new book and I never want to look at a baby name website again! There were also some great suggestions that were sent in when I asked for your help on here. So thank you for all the names, I had fun looking over them all! 

However, after much consideration, hair pulling and sleep, I settled on some that had been on my list from the start. They had been overshadowed by some other names my eyes were drawn to but didn't feel right. Once I had written up all of my character profiles they just felt right.

So everyone please give a warm welcome to my new characters: Cora, Rogan, Jed, Mayana and Kirby. I will let you decide who are the protagonists and antagonists though as I think I'm going to go back to writing and leaving you the the dark about the plot :)

Happy reading,

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