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Sunday, 13 October 2013

New Novel

I have just finished the planning for my new, New Adult novel and am about to start writing chapter one! For the last week or so, I have been stuck on Google researching locations, characters, names and then have been trying to piece together ideas in my mind. I thought I was going crazy some days!

It hasn't been as easy to plan as my Elemental Killers series due to the fact I'm starting from scratch once again. There have also been some elements that refused to fit and bend to my plot line. 

I ended up reaching the point where I could no longer stare at a screen and resorted to writing all of my ideas on post-it notes and rearranging on my wall. Some of you may have even seen one of my tweets with my bedroom wall covered in post-it notes. Well after that picture was taken I added around seventy more until my you could hardly see the paint. It took almost four hours to rearrange into some form of logical plot but in the end I was successful.

After collecting my 100+ post-its, I ended up expanding on the notes into a plot summary. Some how - I still don't know how it happened - I ended up with a four page summary which I have just separated into a chapter breakdown. 

So far I am pleased with the plot I have and can't wait to start. This book will be different from anything I have written before as I have decided there will be no romance. I want to write a purely action based novel. It will have an urban fantasy twist but that's all I'm saying. You will have to wait for me to reveal more.


  1. I hope you're going to give us little more - and soon.

  2. You'll have to wait and see :) I've just finished writing the first two chapters though, so I may be revealing more soon in the form of character introductions and plot hints.


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