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Monday, 28 October 2013

The Exam Game

I was talking to someone today and they were trying to fit a new word into their vocabulary everyday. This got me thinking back to when I was taking my A-level exams in June and how my friends and I livened up boring and pointless General Studies exams with challenges. I say they were pointless for a few reasons:
1) Very few Universities actually accept it as a qualification so no one cared.
2) We only had one unbearable hour a week to cover every topic under the subject 'general knowledge.'
3) The teacher said during the first lesson "I can guarantee that anything we teach you in this lesson will not come up in the exam."

Basically it is an exam in common sense and general knowledge with some bias towards political and historical subjects. Due to this reason only a handful of student take them seriously. This is where my friends and I started to see how many book quotes, song lyrics and random words we could fit into our essays. We challenged each other, giving every person and obscure word and then the rest was up to them.

My words were aubergine, duck and carrots. I managed to get them into one essay around three times each (thank God for the global warming subject). On top of that I also managed to reference Justin Beiber, Rhianna, Lady Gaga and Jessie J in a separate essay while quoting a few of their lyrics and mention around twelve of the latest novels in my final essay. I was proud of my achievement! ;)

The exam was also a great time to practise my artwork as I spent the last thirty minutes drawing in my answer booklet. Needless to say I feel sorry for whoever marked my paper, but I hope it was a bit more amusing than the normal papers you marked!

I'm not condoning deliberately ruining exams in any way but General Studies was pointless and wasted me precious writing time. After telling you I did all of that though, I still managed to get an A* overall so that proves how simplistic and stupid they were to begin with. I may have not been expanding my vocabulary like the friend I was speaking to but it was definitely a laugh - especially when I re-read my essays.

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