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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Deadly to Promise: Final Update & Teaser

There are only two more days to go until the release of Deadly to Promise! Finally, I have everything done: the ebook is ready, the paperback is formatted, all blitz content has been sent out and as of now, it is now up on Goodreads! 

Add it to your shelf everyone :-)

Deadly to Promise (Elemental Killers #2)
And now for the final teaser before the release.
Happy reading,

“Good, now we are starting to get somewhere. Although, you are totally wrong about the Elementals; they are killers and you are blinded into thinking what they want you to see. They have never hurt you because you have aligned yourself with them but they have killed many people and you are helping them.”
She flinched as Jack’s words struck a nerve. “Lies!” she hissed before grabbing Tyler’s wrist, taking him by surprise and dislodging the gun from his grip.
All the other E.Ks raised their weapons, training their barrels on her automatically as Tyler regained his balance.
“Earth now!” she bellowed and the house began to shake as a green woman in a long flowing dress made up of ivy and spirit started to appear in front of us.
On my weakened leg I collapsed to the floor again with a scream.
The E.Ks opened fire but another Elemental took its place within seconds.
“Kai, you have to silence her. It’s like what happened with me!” I shouted over the noise as I clutched at my ankle, which was now bright red and sending sharp flashes of pain through my leg.
“Tyler, silence her,” I heard Jack roar and then everything seemed to slow down. I saw her body, limp and lifeless falling towards the floor. Her arms trailed behind her, bouncing up slightly as they collided against the dirty wooden planks with a thud.
I screamed, covering my face so as not to see what had happened. Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead, I repeated in my mind despite what she had done to us. Shooting a person was a lot different from murdering an Elemental in my opinion.

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