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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Guest Post ~ For Your Heart by A.L. Davroe (Book Tour)

YA Paranormal Romance
Date Published: 10/31/2013

Experience THE BALLAD OF TAM LIN like you’ve never read it before…

It has been seven years since Jeanette Sauderheim followed her best friend into Carver Hall Park...and came out alone. Jeanette has never gotten over his mysterious disappearance nor has she gone back into the park. While that traumatic night still haunts her, Jeanette distracts herself by balancing her time between trying to pass Spanish, hanging out with her friends, and reading the latest manga.

But, when a promise to a friend drives her back into the park, she's forced to re-live the memories of that night. Lost and confused, Jeanette crosses paths with Tamrin, whose violent reaction to her provides yet another reason to avoid the park.

Tamrin, a knight of the Summer Court, has been sent to Earth to guard a garden of roses that hold special meaning to the queen of the Summer faeries. When his distraction at meeting Jeanette leads to her picking one of the Summer Queen’s roses, Tamrin vows to right his failure to do his duty.

However, the equivalent of one of the queen’s roses is a human heart and Tamrin’s reluctance to readily exact the sum from Jeanette sets in motion a spiral of love, betrayal, and magic that could mean damnation for them both.

*This is an Upper YA paranormal romance novel with NA and contemporary fantasy appeal.

Guest Post

Starting out as a writer -- 5 things you should know.

1. Writing a book requires more than a good idea. Everyone and their brother has a great story idea. But, that doesn't mean it's time for you to sit down and write a book. You should be compelled by the desire to write, not a desire for fame or a desire to astound people with your imagination. If you choose to write a book, you need to be aware that writing a book is HARD. It takes a lot of time and patience -- especially if you want it to be good. It requires forethought and editing. It requires sacrifice. Don't just sit down and expect your book to be done in a week (unless you're one of those rare people who 
can do that). Unless you're gifted, good writing takes practice. It's not easy to write believable dialogue, relatable characters, a well paced plot, a compelling story, sentences that impact people on a spiritual level or the ability to create a movie in people's heads.

2. Editors are no excuse to have horrible writing. I thought it was really funny when I first started writing how many of my friends and family said, "Why do you want us to look for spelling errors and plot holes? Isn't that what an editor is for?" Well yes, they will catch the last few things that you did not, but they shouldn't have to correct every sentence. Agents and editors are far less likely to even read past the first page of your manuscript if it's not legible or well plotted. Taking you on would require extra work on their part and no one wants to make more work for themselves. That said, imagine how much easier editing your book will be for you if you write it correctly in the first place. 
Learn basic grammar and give a crud about whether things make sense!

3. You won't be a millionaire. People tend to think they can actually support themselves on writing. This is not the case for most authors. The publishing industry is fickle and unstable for writers. One year you might make a decent amount in advances, the next year no one will want to buy your work. Like-wise, you may not make decent sales, thus mediocre royalties. Don't forget, as an author, you're basically working on commission. Those multi-million dollar success stories that you hear about in the news? Those are rare cases. Most likely, you're like the rest of us and you're going to need at least a part (if not a full time) job or a wealthy spouse to pay the bills.

4. Writing can be very lonely. The more you write, the more time you're taking away from time spent doing other social activities. There's a reason why some authors have horrible social skills. If it's important for you to spend time with friends and family, make sure you balance your time wisely. It's far too easy to shut yourself away and bask in the company of people of your own creation, but be aware what you're doing to those around you.

5. You're not special. You have a great idea? I guarantee you that someone else has done something similar already. You have a way with words? So do thousands of other people. It's easy to get a chip on your shoulder when you're the only author in the lives of the people around you. And writing a book IS an amazing accomplishment, but there are hundreds of thousands of others who have done the same exact thing. There will always be someone better than you -- just like you're bound to be better than some. There is always room for improvement, so don't get caught up in being a diva.
“You know, Lovely, you shouldn’t have run from me yesterday.”

Freezing, I look up. Green Man is sitting on the window sill, his long, raven-black hair outlining him like a death shroud.

Instinct kicks in and I turn to flee, but he magically appears in front of me, his massive body blocking the door. He flashes a dark smirk. “There really is no need to run.”

I backpedal until my butt hits a sink. Dread leaks to my toes, making my bones feel like linguini. Good thing I already went to the bathroom because I’d be peeing my pants in terror right now. Slapping my hands over my eyes, I start that age old manta, “You’re not real. You’re not real. You’re not real.”

“Aren’t I?” He’s so close I feel his breath on my face, sense his body on the tips of the tiny hairs on my face. “Shall I convince you I am real?”

I peek between my fingers. He’s there. He’s lost his Ren Faire garb and is dressed in a school uniform – which is weird – and his handsome face is near enough that too deep a breath would bring his nose to mine. I lean backward until I’m practically sitting in the sink. I want to turn away, to run, but he has his hands planted on both sides of me.

What do I do? How do I make him go away? Am I psychotic? Schizophrenic? Should I even be talking to him? Does humoring hallucinations make psychosis better or worse? Maybe if I can figure out what he wants, he’ll go away?

I struggle for my voice. “W-what do you want?”

He takes a step back, giving me room to breathe. “Just to talk.” He gestures toward my half tucked in shirt. “Please continue with your business.”

I ignore his prompt and back around the first sink. “T-talk? Y-you’re not going to hurt me?”

He cocks his head and raises his hands. “I don’t have any weapons.”

Glancing at his big paws, I say, “You don’t need weapons.”

He shoves his fingers into his pockets. “I’m only here to talk.” He circles me. I try to spin to keep tabs on him, but he’s back on the sill before I see him move. He’s quick. Unnaturally so. With reflexes that fast, he certainly could’ve done anything he wanted to me already.

“H-how do I know you won’t hurt me?”

“You have my word. I won’t hurt you.” He shrugs. “For now.”

I swallow the massive lump in my throat. “For now?”

He smirks. “For now.”

A.L. Davroe

A.L. Davroe writes both YA and adult speculative fiction. Her debut YA paranormal romance novel, FOR YOUR HEART, releases October 31, 2013. By day, she lives in Connecticut her two feline hench-creatures. She’s a terrible blusher, has a weak spot for cuddly animals, loves Laffy Taffy and Cadbury MiniEggs, and she’s a huge advocate of alternative healing methods. She also wears Vibram five-finger toe shoes and corsets...Though not always in the same ensemble. She’s a Capricorn, a Hufflepuff, and a few nuggets short of a Happy Meal.

Twitter: @aldavroe


  1. Hi Mia! Thanks so much for being a host for my tour. I hope your writing career is a success!

  2. Hi A.L no problem! I wish you the best of luck with your writing too :-)


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