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Monday, 23 December 2013

A Christmas Present For You All: A Sneak Preview

Today, because it's Christmas soon, I thought I would share with you a sneak preview of my next novel. I haven't even started to re-draft the book yet as I have been busy working on Elemental Killers 3 but I can't wait to do so! No one has seen this-or any-extract from this book before so you are the first I've shared it with. It is by no means finalised as what I will publish when the book is ready and has gone through no editing, but I thought I'd share it with you all in first draft form as I'm excited about it. I've also had a few questions wanting to know more - I'm not sure it will answer many of them, but it may give you a slight idea of the tone of the book. 

As another Christmas treat, I have reduced the price of Deadly to Love and Deadly to Promise to 99c / 77p over the holiday season on Amazon! The prices will go back up after that so get it while you can and tell your friends.

Anyway, here's the prologue for my new stand-alone novel.

Happy Holidays everyone! I wish you all the best and a happy 2014.


The number of minutes she was given as a warning.
The number of possible exit routes she could take.
The number of people who were now hunting her.
The number of people it took to spill her secret and sell her out.
The number of hours it took for people to turn on her after finding out the truth.
The number of minutes it took for people to reveal their true colours.
The number of years she thought they were her friends.
The number of times she tried to change their minds before giving up.
The number of friends she had left.
The number of thoughts inside her mind.
The number of minutes she had left.


  1. Sounds good and worth waiting for.

  2. Thanks Roger! I can't wait to get back to it and start editing.


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