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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Writing Update For January

Yay! Tomorrow is the end of the month and January will be over finally. I've never liked this month; the cold, dark, wet weather never seems to end and the gloomy days make it hard to focus here in the UK. However, despite all of the rain we have been getting (at least it's not been snow), the days are starting to get slightly longer and even if I find it hard to concentrate on a screen, it does give me an excuse to stay in the warmth. 

I always find that once January is over things start to get better as we're on the home stretch out of winter.

So, because it's the end of the month and I've surprised myself with what I ended up doing, I thought I'd write an update about what's been going on with my latest projects and what to expect in the coming months.

I was busy editing Elemental Killers 3 and my new stand-alone novel (which is going to be an action/suspense urban fantasy aimed at the upper YA market) at the start of the month. That project took a while to get through as it is the longest novel I've penned yet but thankfully, it is in the hands of my editor so I can get on with more fun things, such as cover design! I love playing around with images on Photoshop and creating different covers so I'm looking forward to that.

As well as this, in the last week I have written and edited a new contemporary romance novella.It only took me four days to write so the rest of the week has been about re-drafting and editing which is definitely the fastest I've completed a book (even if it's only 25,000 words). It's an idea I've been wanting to write for a while now and rather than turn it into a full length novel, I thought the novella length suited it better. Tomorrow will be my final day with it and then I will be sending that off to an editor so I can work on more covers, blurbs and start Elemental Killers 4 - yes I've still been putting it off.

Anyway, I'm planning to give this novella away free at its release and for as long as possible after that, so make sure you're checking back often so you don't miss out! I want it released as soon as possible. I think Valentine's Day will be pushing it, but it will definitely be released in February so there will be something new to read before my stand-alone comes out. 

Happy reading!


  1. 25,000 words in four days; good going. I wish I could type that fast.

  2. Thanks Roger. I was lucky, this novella wrote itself really so I found it hard to stop for sleep. Normally I try to write at least 3000, if not more, a day when creating a book.


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