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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Authors Helping Authors - Sign Up

Hi everyone!

I'm looking to start up a small, close-knit group of authors who are willing to help each other and work together with promotion and advice to get our books out there.

The aim is to act a bit like a publisher in terms of promotion, whereby as a collective, we can create groups that promote all of our work, benefit from each other's titles and fan bases, share certain things etc (think of indie groups like Indie Inked). I want the group to be invite only after the original members have been selected so that it remains a tight group of people who are active rather than people only along for free promotion.

I'm open to suggestions on what can be done in the group but my main goal is that I want a group of authors who can rely on one another.

**The only condition I'm putting on sign ups is that at least one book you have written must be YA/NA and have either a romantic or paranormal aspect. 

You also have to be serious about wanting to promote others. If you're looking only for your book to be promoted, this isn't the group for you.** 

Any questions, don't hesitate to contact me!

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