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Friday, 14 March 2014

Review Copies

Over the last few weeks the number of people emailing me for copies of my books has increased significantly so I just wanted to clear somethings up and put out where I stand on this. 

While I would love to give you all copies, I cannot due to monetary restraints. I don't have an unlimited fund and therefore cannot afford to pay for everyone who emails me. If you are thinking about emailing me for a review copy please bare this in mind and include extra information in your email, such as:

*blog URL
*blog stats (page views/followers)
*where you post your reviews (links are helpful)
*how long you've been blogging

also be:

Including these types of things makes your request not only seem more credible, but it makes it stand out from the general "Id love to add your book to my tbr pile, can I have a copy?" (yes I've had emails like that)

As an indie author I have to be selective about who I send copies to as I have to purchase the copies myself. While I get them at cost price, when you add the shipping from Amazon and then to you (because I'm in the UK) it's more than if you were to purchase it yourself. Obviously this adds up and as much as I'd love for you to have a copy, when I'm receiving an increasing amount of requests, it just isn't possible.

There is also the same issue with ebooks. I no longer send out original files as my earlier work was pirated from doing this and therefore can only send a gift card through Amazon now. Being in the UK causes a disadvantage as I cannot gift the ebook and am therefore having to put a lot of trust in you guys to actually buy my book with the money I send. It's still not cheap either when it adds up.

I have deliberately kept the cost of my books as low as possible to give you a chance to read them and regularly do 99c deal days with novels and free days with novellas. That's as low as I can put the price and I make next to nothing on them at that price really (especially as I loose an extra 30% from US sales). So, I must admit that when I get emails asking for free books, "because my work sounds so interesting", when I'm in the middle of special offers it does become slightly frustrating. I'm not asking the world with 99c and when you do not include any information about yourself/site, I do find it slightly insulting. My thoughts go like this during promotional prices "If it sounds so interesting, why can't you pay 99c/77p? I know that sounds harsh, but if I gave books to everyone I would not make any money, and I have to live off something.

I hope everyone can understands this. It’s hard when I have to say no to people asking me for copies but it just isn't possible.  Please keep in mind that when you ask an author for books, they have to come straight from their pocket. If we have to decline, it’s not because we’re being mean, it's just there are limited funds available.  

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