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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Summer Demons Paperback/Giveaway

Today I approved the Summer Demons paperback. My copy came a while a go but after changing a few things, I decided it was best to wait for a new proof copy just in case. Sadly that meant waiting another few weeks because I'm in the UK and shipping is expensive for quick delivery. 

However it arrived yesterday and is now available to buy! There will be a slight delay before it appears on Amazon (just the way things are processed) but you can buy it HERE directly from Createspace today. It costs the same no matter what and I also get more royalties as Amazon doesn't take a cut so it's win-win :-) You get the book sooner and I get paid. I'm not hinting for you to use Createspace store at all...okay maybe I am but it's still exactly the same.

Also, I will be choosing the winners of the free day blitz by the end of the week. I apologise for the delay but my cat has been really ill so I've been staying up all night with him--this is about as much I can process right now. I'll get to it soon and the winners will receive their prizes, but please bare with me.

Happy reading,

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