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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Big News!

Sooo ...

If you've been following my Twitter or Facebook, you'll probably know that I had some great news recently, but I haven't been allowed to reveal it.

It's been killing me to keep it a secret for 2 weeks, but finally I've had the okay and am allowed to tell you because everything has been finalised.

So here's my big news:

On Friday, I signed a contract with Limitless Publishing!!

On November 4th I woke up to an email where they wanted the full manuscript. Obviously, being an insecure author, I sent it off with hope, but told myself nothing would come of it. However, then on November 14th, I woke up to another email saying they would like to offer me a contract.

I don't think I have ever gotten out of bed so quickly! It was the best way to wake up and I seriously couldn't believe it. I will still re-reading the email 6 hours later to check that I hadn't read it wrong, or that it had somehow changed.

Anyway, they have acquired my new urban fantasy thriller and I'm ecstatic to be working with them!

I haven't said much about this book throughout writing and editing, but it's different from my latest work. I've gone back to a darker story and there is also no romance. I can't wait to tell you all more about it!

Happy reading!


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