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Saturday, 6 December 2014

12 Days of Christmas ~ Meet Cate Ellink

Happy HOT Christmas

Thanks so much for inviting me for Christmas, Mia. I’m honoured to be here.

I write erotic romances, but that’s not the HOT I’m referring to here! I’m an Australian, so I thought I’d share some Aussie Christmas warmth. December is summer here, so Christmas is warm, and sometimes sweltering hot. I was in London one year for Christmas. We had a little snow, but I felt like I was in a Christmas card rather than it really being Christmas. So I understand if you think a hot Christmas is all wrong! It’s what you’re brought up to know.

My Christmas is all about family. When I was a child this was instilled into me. I’ve had a few Christmasses without my family, and they stick out in my mind mostly because there was something missing, no matter how wonderful they were.

When I was a kid, we had a huge family day with Mum’s side of the family coming for lunch, and then we’d go to Dad’s side for the afternoon and evening. On December 27th, Mum’s cousins had a huge day, so the partying continued while watching the Boxing Day Cricket Test Match on TV.

Even though it’s hot, we do the whole hot roast dinner with pork, ham, turkey, vegetables, and gravy, with the traditional plum pudding to follow. I’d prefer succulent seafood and the beach, but not in my family. It’s tradition all the way!

When I left home, although my work was really busy (and hot, dirty and tiring; I was harvesting grain) at Christmas time, I usually caught the train home to spend a few days with my family to celebrate Christmas. The train trip was about ten hours and I’d catch it at midnight and sleep the whole trip if I could, so I’d be right to survive the celebrations.

When I married, I married a man who also spent time with his family at Christmas, so this made it tricky. We took turns for a while, even had a year at home by ourselves, but now we’ve moved closer to our families, it’s easier to celebrate with both families. We don’t have children, so we do all the travelling. We go to his family for breakfast, then we drive two hours to my family for a late lunch. Both lots do huge cooked meals, so we usually come home and don’t eat, or speak about food! We spend the next day wallowing at the beach - and that’s my kind of Christmas!

I hope your Christmas is a joyful one, filled not with stress but with love, happiness and whoever you call family.

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It’s not Christmassy, but I hope it’s a bit of fun. I wanted to raise awareness of mental health issues. I have family and friends affected and I know Christmas is a rough time for them. Feel free to pass it along to others too.

30 November Kisses, is a story about Movember, where men grow moustaches in order to raise awareness about men’s mental health and other issues. It isn’t erotic, but it does have workplace kisses and hints of sex, so I marked it adult content.
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