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Thursday, 4 December 2014

12 Days of Christmas ~ Meet Gail Wagner

Hi everyone!  I'm Gail Wagner.  I'm so excited to be here!  Thanks to Mia for hosting this amazing event.  :)  I have several projects currently going (including one that I'm putting up on Wattpad as I go, called Spell, Book, and Candle!).

My newest novel is Let Her Sleep.

In it, the three main characters are all hiding some pretty important secrets.  And though I don't want to give away the best bits of the story, I thought it would be fun to maybe learn about some of their other secrets they might not be telling.

Cordy Jameson

  • Junk Food Addict.  She will stuff oatmeal cream pies, ding dongs, and nutty bars anywhere she thinks her housekeeper won't find them.  Sadly for her, her father is a health nut and insists she eat super healthy all the time, hence her sneaky ways.  She ends up stashing and tossing a lot of her meals at home.
  • Musical Theater Buff.  Though she would never (EVER) be on stage, she adores a good musical and she's actually not a bad singer herself.  Her favorite movies are ones she can sing along to.
  • Name Hater:  She hates her full name.  The only one who ever called her Cordelia was her mother and after she died, no one was allowed to use it.  So, Cordy it is.

Reid Shaw

  • Pop Culture Lover:  With his crazy busy schedule, he never gets a real chance to indulge in it, but he has seen all of the Star Wars movies (actually, they're the only ones he's ever seen).  He would love to immerse himself into the various other fandoms but it's a little hard when you spend your days training and your nights fighting off dream demons.  Maybe someday....
  • Rebel At Heart:  He may do what he's told like a well trained soldier, but inside, he's rebelling at every step and rolls his eyes at a lot of it.  He doesn't believe everything he's been taught but trusts the adults in his life enough to do what he's supposed least for now.
  • Not A Food Critic:  He wouldn't know a gourmet meal if it hit him in the face.  He's been raised on frozen meals since he was old enough to stick them in the microwave.  Cordy just can't understand how he can eat the cafeteria food at school and he doesn't know how to explain it's a step up from what he's used to.

Noelle Daven

  • Green-eyed Monster:  She does her best to hide it, but she hates how poor her family is...even though they really aren't.  It can be hard when your best friend lives in a mansion and has everything you don't.  Spending every second of free time there and pretending it's yours is almost as good as having it yourself...right?
  • A++ Actress:  She's the drama club star.  She's also pretty good at lying to people...except Cordy.  They've been friends too long.  She'll need all her skills in the weeks to come.
  • Biggest Flirt:  Okay, maybe this isn't a huge secret, but she really knows how to appreciate a good looking guy.  He may only be the flavor of the week but hey, might as well enjoy while she can.  She may be the life of the party but she's always on the lookout for the next conquest...or the perfect guy for her best friend.

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