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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

12 Days of Christmas ~ Meet Jewel Allen

Christmas in the Philippines

Today’s day of Christmas comes from Antonio, the main character in Jewel Allen’s young adult paranormal thriller Ghost Moon Night.  Jewel’s debut novel is set in 1950’s Philippines.

Ghost Moon Night

My name is Antonio. I’m 17 and I live in a coastal village called Dasalin. It’s so small it’s not even on the Philippine map. In early November, our village prepares for Christmas by making paper lanterns, called parol, and hanging them everywhere. Then we showcase them on parades. We take our water buffaloes out of their muddy pens, wash them in the river, scrub them down until they get really clean, then let our younger sisters deck them out with flowers and paints.

Christmas is always fun in the Philippines. We have festive, star-shaped lanterns in parades, street food, pedestrians out till late and church at midnight.

Unless it’s Ghost Moon Night, that is.

Ghost Moon Night is that one night of the month (New Moon) when flying undead come out and terrorize our streets. On Ghost Moon Night, we bolt our windows and doors and stay inside.

Why, you ask?

Well, you’ll just have to read my story, won’t you? ;-)

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Book Synopsis

A Secret to Save Them All . . .

It was whispered years ago that when a pirate cursed a Philippine village with langbuan, or flying undead, a boy received a secret that would protect him from certain death.  But even armed with a secret, can anyone survive the undead for long?

Seventeen-year-old Antonio Pulido has never known a time when the langbuan didn’t roam the streets every Ghost Moon Night, killing anyone in their path.  He works hard to protect his family and the girl he loves from the deadly attacks, but he wants them stopped once and for all.  Can Antonio uncover the decades-old secret and will it help him defeat the langbuan? Or will Ghost Moon Night come again and take someone he truly cares about? It falls on Antonio to save his village, but time is running out. The next Ghost Moon Night is nearly here and Antonio knows this is his last chance to destroy the undead and end their reign of terror -- or die trying.

Young adult paranormal thriller, 321 pages
A clean read recommended for ages 14 & up

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About the Author:

Jewel Allen
Jewel Allen is an award-winning journalist, author and ghostwriter who grew up in the tropics (Manila, Philippines) and now lives in the desert (Utah, USA). During a crazy moment in her 30's, she fronted a 70s rock band, got that out of her system and settled back into a respectable writing career. She loves sardines and anything that reminds her of the tropics. Visit her website at Connect with her on Facebook.

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