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Sunday, 1 February 2015

Meet the Characters + Excerpt ~ Cora Shields vs Rogan Carvelli & Giveaway

False Finder has been out a few weeks now, so I thought it was about time I introduced you to the main characters ... well two of them. The rest will feature in a later post.

These have been, by far, the most fun characters I've created. They are tough, take no nonsense, and because the book is an urban fantasy thriller there was plenty of action to describe. Rogan and Cora have constant battles of wit, words, and physical fights (hence the title), but you'll have to read the book to find out the whole story.

Cora vs Rogan


Leaning forward, both arms propping his strong body up on the desk, Rogan glared at her.
“I tried to be cordial. I agreed to your insane demands but this ends here and now. You will sign this contract stating you are employed by me or things are going to get very bad for you, very quickly.”
Cora matched his stance, pulling herself up and meeting his gaze with unwavering eyes.
“Get this into your head now as I’m not going to say it again. I am not, nor will I ever let you own me. I will never sign that piece of paper.” Cora kept her voice level, matching his tone with equal determination. She didn’t have a plan for how to get out but she knew she would never sign his contract.
“Is that so? I beg to differ.”
A flash of uncertainty flickered before Cora’s eyes as he spoke, not sure where he was going with his comment. It didn’t fail to escape Rogan’s notice and on the inside he was smiling with joy at his forward thinking.
“You can’t force me to sign it!”
“Am I that crass? I won’t have to force you.”
Picking up a remote from the top of the desk, he pointed it at a painting that was hung on the wall to the right of Cora. It moved to reveal a flat screen TV and with the click of another button it flickered into life.
As the image became clearer on the screen, Cora gasped in shock. Her hand moved to cover her mouth in disbelief and her head was shaking, not wanting to believe the truth that was before her eyes.
“Still don’t want to reconsider my offer?” Rogan asked triumphantly, knowing he had won. 


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