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Friday, 26 June 2015

Free For The First Time Ever

As the title of this post suggest, I have a book free, and it's one I've never made free before. From June 26th to June 28th Spring Knight will be free to download on Amazon.

Spring Knight is my favourite book in my Seasons of Change series and has my favourite characters in it. It's also my first paid #1 Amazon bestseller, so I will always have a soft spot for it. I loved writing this one so I thought I'd put it out there for everyone because it's summer.

If you haven't read the other books in the series don't worry, Spring Knight--like the other books in the series--can be read as a standalone.

You can download Spring Knight here:

US   UK   CA   AU   DE   FR   ES   IT   NL   JP   BR   MX   IN

Also, the Seasons of Change Box Set is still available. 

You can download the Seasons of Change Box Set here:

US   UK   CA   AU   DE   FR   ES   IT   NL   JP   BR   MX   IN

Happy reading

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Important Dates & Updates

Okay, this is going to be a boring post, but I want you guys to know what's happening with my books, and I have some important dates to share, so bear with me.

Because of the changes being brought in by Amazon on July 1st, I have decided to remove my books from the Select program. I was planning on doing this sometime anyway, but this has just given me the push I needed to speed it up.

This means that my books will no longer be available to borrow on Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime after the dates listed below. For that reason, if you wanted to borrow one (they will still be available to buy), you'll have to be quick.

Summer Demons: end date - August 19, 2015
Winter Angel: end date - July 9, 2015
Autumn Ghosts: end date - August 3, 2015
Spring Knight: end date - August 10, 2015
False Finder: end date - July 11, 2015

However, because I will be out of KDP Select, my exclusivity with Amazon runs out too. Yay! I will finally be putting up all of my books on B&N, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords etc. So, for those of you who don't own a Kindle, you'll finally be able to get your hands on my books--and this includes False Finder, which I've published with Limitless Publishing.

I can't guarantee when my self-published titles will be up at other retailers just yet as I have to format the manuscripts again, and fill in tax info on for retailers I haven't worked with, which takes age. However, False Finder should be up around July 15th, and I have a special announcement about that coming soon.

I'll, of course, let you all know when they're up for sale everywhere else.

Happy reading,
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