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Friday, 17 July 2015

It's On Sale!

In a previous post I mentioned I had some news about False Finder later one this month. Well, it's finally here. 

For one week only, my amazing publisher (Limitless) has reduced the price from $3.99 to $0.99.

And the best bit is it's now available everywhere for that price!

Yep, I'm free from Amazon exclusivity, so for those of you who buy your books from B&N, iBooks, Kobo etc., you can now read False Finder.

*~ ONLY 0.99 ~*
For one week only.


Friday, 10 July 2015

Character Interview - Autumn Ghosts

I've decided to interview another couple from my books today. Here's an interview with Ellie and Justin from Autumn Ghosts.

Mia: Hi everyone, today I have with me Ellie and Justin from my third novella Autumn Ghosts. They’ve kindly allowed me to interview them for you.

Ellie: Hi everyone, this is exciting!
Justin: Hello.

Mia: So, my first question is for you, Ellie. It takes a while for you to open up in your book, but have you changed since then or do you still find it hard to let people in?

Ellie: If there’s a choice I will always help someone else over discussing my problems. I don’t like people to see me as weak, and even though I’m working on that, I’m still quite private. I don’t like causing trouble for people at my expense. 

Justin: The simple answer’s yes. It takes forever to get her to tell me something so it’s good I can read people so well.

Mia: It’s definitely an interesting skill, Justin, even if it’s got you into trouble on numerous occasions! How did you develop it?

Justin: Years of sitting and watching people I guess. I like to focus on the detail, and I don’t know … it just happens. [his cheeks are flushed in embarrassment and Ellie takes his hand]

Mia: What did you think of his skill when you first met, Ellie? It wasn’t the smoothest meeting in the world.

Ellie: [Laughs] You can say that again! When he started, I was shocked. Something like that takes you back, and when you’re already down it’s hard to hear. However, it was strange as the more he went on, the more I wanted to hear. It was disarming, and I think a part of me liked that he was putting my problems out there so I didn’t have to reveal them. 

Justin: I’m still working on my bluntness, but I think Ellie copes better than most because she’s just as blunt with me. [Ellie glares at him]

Mia: I think you might be on dangerous grounds there, Justin.

Justin: Probably, but I’m heading off to Indonesia tomorrow so I’ll be safe.

Mia: Wow! Really? What number is this on your round-the-world trip?

Justin: Sixteenth, and this leg of the journey is the one I’ve been most looking forward to. Asia has always held a strong appeal.

Ellie: It’s the one I’ve been dreading the most. Europe was easy and he never seemed that far away, especially in France, but Asia is a whole different league! I’ll miss him.

Justin: Aww … it’s only a month and a half, Elles. I’ll be back before you know it. Why didn’t you say anything earlier?

Ellie: I don’t want to stop you going. You’d change your plans if I said anything, and I didn’t want that.
Justin: See what I mean? She’s stubborn. [Ellie slaps him playfully]

Mia: Well, I think I’ve had enough of your time in that case. I don’t want Ellie to be mad at me for keeping you here for so long! Thanks for stopping by guys, and enjoy Asia, Justin!

Justin: Thanks, I’ll make sure to bring you back a present.

Ellie: Bye! I’m going to go and cry so he feels guilty about leaving me.

Justin: No you won’t. Don’t listen to her everyone, she lies [they both burst out laughing].

Mia: Thanks guys, have fun.

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